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The #1 specialized travel coin choice

To address the most common considerations in booking a holiday - Budget, Location, and Duration - we decided to create Toorcoin and Toorister.

Toorcoin addresses the first travel dilemma around budgeting by facilitating payments on Toorister with near instant payment transactions and ridding users of insurmountable international transaction fees.

Toorister refutes predicaments two and three - Location and Duration! Toorister is meant to be a travel website providing amazing travel itineraries and a booking platform for top travel destinations.

Combined in one product, Toorcoin and Toorister are the ultimate choice for specialised travel!

World’s travel currency

Rallying travelers around a common platform and value system

Technical Details

Toorcoin is an ERC20 token. Its usage is governed by a smart contract.

Token Supply

At launch, 13.5 Million tokens will be minted, and allocated towards our bounty program, marketing and development costs. Maximum supply of Toorcoin will be 100 Million.

Staking Rewards

82 Million Toorcoin will be used to reward holders for every week they hold their tokens. These tokens will exhaust over 20 years with descending reward generation YoY.


Toorcoin code is available on GitHub, check out our code repository.

Token Details
Toorcoin Roadmap

Mar '18

Website Launch

Toorcoin website launch
Product roadmap
Toorcoin branding
Toorcoin technical specifications
Community building kick-off

Apr '18

Bounty Program

Initiation of Bounty Program

May '18


Hire key staff
Toorister branding
Aggressive marketing campaign

Jun '18


Token distribution
Toorister platform development

Q3 '18


Itinerary curation for top European destinations
Toorcoin Giveaway contest

Q4 '18


Toorister beta launch
Itinerary availability for top European destinations
Toorister integration with GooglePlaces API
Toorister platform testing

Q1 '19


Create Toorister travel forum
Toorcoin Use Case 1 (travel forum tipping)
Integrate attraction timings and tags in Toorister
Itinerary review system

Q2 '19


Expand itineraries to top WW destinations
Toorister integration with GoogleMaps
Multi-language support for Toorcoin website

Q3 '19


Create travel marketplace for Toorister platform
Toorcoin Use Case 2 (travel marketplace)

Q4 '19


Enable users to customize & collaborate on itineraries
Introduce city travel guides on Toorister

Q1 '20


Toorister mobile application
Multi-language support for Toorister platform

Q2 '20


Create travel bookings portal for Toorister platform
Toorcoin Use Case 3 (travel bookings)


For more details about Toorcoin and Toorister, refer to the documents below.

Infographic Litepaper Whitepaper Explainer Video

Toorcoin is listed on enclaves. We are working on getting listed on more exchanges.

The Team

We have a diverse team of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from experience in business strategy, finance, technology management, marketing, and development.

Omar has a proven track record in business strategy and technology management, working with Fortune 100 companies. He has also worked in advisory roles helping startups shape and expand their businesses. Outside of work, Omar is an adventure enthusiast (“adrenaline junkie!”) and passionate about travel. Toorcoin and Toorister are his vision to reshape the travel industry.

Omar Malik Strategy Lead

Faisal is an experienced technical solution architect with a keen interest in application security, blockchain, front-end development and cloud infrastructure. He has designed and implemented multiple high-availability systems for different multinational companies. Faisal likes to solve real problems and was attracted to the idea of Toorcoin and Toorister due to their potential in revolutionizing the travel industry.

Faisal Khan Dev Lead (front end)

Khalid is a technology industry veteran with almost 10 years of experience working in a range of Development roles for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive experience in designing scalable back-end applications for various financial and technology institutions. Khalid is a Blockchain enthusiast and wants to use his technical skills to bring the power of Blockchain to the Travel industry.

Mohammad Khalid Dev Lead (back end)

Syed is a blockchain and cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast with a depth of experience in financial technology, business development and marketing. He has travelled extensively over 4 continents and has a strong desire in spreading the experience and making it easier for others to do the same. It is this passion and wealth of experience that makes him a valued member of the team.

Syed Asif Marketing & Business Dev

Amna is an Art major and manages all branding and graphic design related aspects for Toorcoin. She also oversees the Toorcoin Bounty Program. Amna is a successful entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor. Her love for travel and optimism regarding the blockchain industry attracted her to the idea of Toorcoin and Toorister.

Amna Ammar Design Lead & Bounty Coordinator

Omar is an operations strategy expert with years of experience in consulting, retail, and advising for Fortune 100 companies. He is a long-term investor in cryptocurrencies and involved in the Rupee Blockchain Project, which he helped grow from infancy into a multimillion dollar market cap coin. Omar is an avid traveller, which makes him excited about Toorcoin’s potential in making travel planning easy for the masses.

Mohd. Omar Advisor

Sean has lived in several countries and is a cryptocurrency evangelist. He is currently working in the crypto industry with Bounty0x as a Sheriff and also on-boards new crypto projects and ICOs to the platform. Sean has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry and working for tech companies. He is excited about Toorcoin and Toorister and thinks they will further mass adoption by delivering a more tailored and personalized travel experience for individuals.

Sean Henderson Advisor
Frequently Asked Questions

Created by a team of travel enthusiasts, Toorcoin is an ERC-20 token facilitating specialized travel. Toorcoin’s mission is to become the number one specialized travel coin choice and a recognized brand within the travel industry. It creates a publicly verifiable system of payments and addresses the first travel dilemma around budgeting by enabling near instant payment processing and ridding users of insurmountable international transaction fees when transacting in standard fiat currencies. Toorcoin will initially facilitate payments on the Toorister Platform before being used on a broader scale in the travel industry.

The Toorister platform will be a travel website providing amazing travel itineraries and city guides to top destinations of the world (Europe to begin with). It is essentially geared at refuting travel predicaments two and three – Location and Duration! Carefully curated from some of the best travel resources available, these itineraries will provide users with detailed day-by-day plans of attractions to visit to maximize their travel experience in a particular city. All you’ll need to do is pick up one of our itineraries and you’d be good to go. All itineraries will be route and time optimized saving users the hassle of hours of research scrolling through multiple travel forums and blogs figuring out how to nail down that perfect itinerary. Toorcoin will be used in the Toorister platform to facilitate payments. For more details, refer to our whitepaper.

Toorcoin is a token meant for use within the Toorister platform but envisions to be used on a broader scale within the travel industry.

Our aim is to make Toorcoin a well recognized brand within the travel industry. With Toorcoin, we will create a publicly verifiable system of record for payments (for use in the Toorister platform and beyond) with near instant transaction times and ultra low transaction fees. Equally importantly, we will use Toorcoin to rally our travel community (“Tooristers”) around a common platform and value system. This common platform and specialized focus on travel is what separates us from other traditional tokens.

Please refer to our Roadmap for details.

Please refer back to this section in a few weeks time.

This was a matter of great debate amongst the founding team and eventually we decided to not opt for an ICO. While we recognize ICOs are a powerful funding method, their legal framework remains largely undefined; they’re also beginning to sow distrust in the blockchain industry. With a pre-mine, we have more skin in the game to make sure our platform develops and grows. There’s no slacking off after a big payday (as we sometimes see post ICO). We also get paid in our coins. These coins are worthless unless we add utility to Toorcoin and Toorister (which is in our interest).

The maximum supply will be 100M coins which will be exhausted over a period of 20 years. The initial supply will be 13.5M coins (available through a pre-mine). Please refer to our technical specifications section for additional details.

13.5% of the total coin supply of 100M coins will be pre-mined. This pre-mine will be set aside to fund the development of Toorcoin and Toorister and for operating expenses, marketing activities, and our user based bounty program. For a breakdown on the allocation of the pre-mine, please refer to our whitepaper.

4.5% of the total token supply is reserved for the Toorcoin team & advisors with a 6-month cliff and a vesting period over 12 months. 25% of these tokens will be minted after the expiry of the 6-month cliff period and subsequently each month through the implementation of a smart contract – till then these tokens will be locked from access.

Toorcoin is an ERC20 token. Please refer to our technical specifications section for additional details.

82M of the 100M token supply will be part of our user staking reward pool to be exhausted over a period of 20 years, at a descending rate year over year. This is our alternate to merged mining (which has gained widespread popularity in the ERC-20 world). Instead of incentivizing miners by giving them Toorcoin over and above the Ethereum they mine, we will be rewarding our loyal user base directly with additional tokens in proportion to their holding size and holding duration. This eliminates our reliance on miners who may not be fully invested in the idea of Toorcoin. It also helps foster a loyal user base committed to holding and using Toorcoin for actual use cases in the Toorister platform.

The disbursement of tokens to the community will be done by taking a weekly snapshot of Ethereum wallets. Users holding onto Toorcoin at the time of the snapshot will be rewarded with additional Toorcoin. For more details on the mechanism and distribution rewards, refer to our whitepaper.

The code is available on GitHub. Check out the toorcoin repository.

Yes! And we’d love for you to join! You can find us on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Medium. Our Get in Touch section has links to all our social media communities. We also have a blog that you can find here.

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